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Windows 7 Wallpapers provides you with the very best and latest Windows 7 wallpapers to help put some life into your desktop. This site has been built specifically to bring you the finest selection of Windows 7 wallpapers and Windows 7 desktop wallpapers found anywhere on the web. We also have a bunch of nature wallpaper backgrounds for you to spice up your desktop. To start browsing our daily updated collection of wallpaper head over to the Windows 7 wallpaper page where you can browse them all.

Latest Windows 7 wallpapers

We are constantly adding new fantastic wallpapers to this site so make sure to check back regularly. Here we have our latest Windows 7 wallpapers for you to use. If you're looking for even more wallpapers don't forget to visit the Windows 7 wallpaper gallery for an even bigger selection.

Fractal Worlds

Looking like a city of lights, this fantastic piece of fractal art lets your imagination take you to wherever you want it to. Is it a city or is it the super highway of the computer world, or is it the pulses and connections in the brain. So many possibilities, so take a look, there is so much to see as each layer reveals a little more. Why not download it now so you can look at it throughout the day. Truly a fantastic image to have on your desktop.

Sparkle and Shine

Do you love the sparkle and shine from lights, the sparkle and shine from the reflection off of glitter in the air, yes, then you will really love this wallpaper. Hues of purples and blues shimmer in the background as circles and hexagons of reflective light appear and fade, produced from a single bright light that beams out in your direction. This wallpaper looks great as a desktop background, try it and see for yourself.

Evening Destination

Imagine yourself on that plane as it flies off high up into the darkening evening sky. Take a look out of the window, look down and see the dark silhouette of the mountains far below. Then look into the sky and watch, mesmerised, as the sun slowly dips below the horizon. Now sit back and relax for the rest of the flight as you are whisked off to your holiday destination. Enjoy your flight and your holiday!

Rainbow Window 8

Windows 8 in colour! Looking like wooden slats on a shed, this wallpaper is a colourful version for Windows 8. The Iconic windows 8 logo is set in its trademark angled way, with Windows 8 written in a bold white font in the centre of the slats. Rainbow colours are used to colour these slats and this makes it a very eye catching and fun wallpaper to have as your desktop background. Why not download it now!

Silver Thread

Looking for something plain and yet not plain? Then how about this great looking wallpaper. At  first glance, it may just look like a plain and boring background, but just take another look, for a little longer. You should be seeing a grey background that is interwoven with a fine silvery grey thread that produces a delicate pattern across the whole expanse of grey. If you like what you see, download it now and see how it looks on full screen.

Painted Sky

Ever had a go at painting a picture of the sky? If so did it turn out like this? A great summer blue sky that draws the eye to the centre of this painting. At the edges, white clouds gather. The artist has painted these so it looks like the clouds are gathering in towards the centre, trying to block the blue skies or are they being swept away to reveal the blue skies. Either way, it’s a great looking wallpaper.


If you love playing SKYRIM you will love this scenery wallpaper from The Elder Scrolls V. Set atop the highest craggy mountains, snow all around, you look down into the valley, holding your sword and shield. Where is Alduin, the dragon, you must find him and destroy him! So, don’t just play the game, have this wallpaper set as your desktop background and you will always keep your mind in the zone to continue your quest

Sunset Sand

This looks like the place to be at the closing of a sun drenched day. Carry on relaxing at this gorgeous beach as the sun slowly sets behind the distant mountains. Fantastic colours of reds and oranges blaze against the pale sky, tingeing the calm waters the same colours. Tiny grains of sand stand out, catching the last of the suns rays. Sit back on your sun lounger and do the same, you know you want to!

Leafy Green

Looking for a summery image that will brighten your day? Then why not download this image, it will look great as your background. The fresh new leaves uncurling in the spring sunshine, still a pale green until, as the days go by, they darken to a mature dark green. But for now they are still fresh and new and a super pale green, so why not download this image now and enjoy the freshness of Spring.

Honey Blossom

The delicate blooms of summer blossom have finally burst into flower as the hot summery sun caresses each petal with its heat. The tree’s branch gently sways on the breeze as bees go about their business collecting the pollen from every bloom. A real touch of summer that will brighten your day  when you switch on your computer, no matter what the weather is like outside, although, as we all hope, it will be that hot summer sun!

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